Chemin de Fer touristique du Tarn
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Drive a steam locomotive on the Chemin de Fer Touristique du Tarn
Are you a railway enthusiast ? Are you on holidays in France, or living in France ? Discover the loving Tarn country when driving an authentic steam locomotive from Saint Lieux-lès-Lavaur to Les Martels not far from Toulouse and Albi.

Not available for 2019
CFTT offers you the possibility of driving a typical 0-4-0 T French Decauville steam locomotive, or a 0-6-0 T Belgian Couillet steam locomotive ! You will live again the Belle Époque of steam tramways time when narrow gauge lines ran in France !


Join us for a day during which you will learn some of the basic skills required to drive a steam locomotive. As the day progresses you will have several opportunities to develop your skills, culminating in the passenger trains driving experience


9 a.m. The day starts at the depot when you meet the instructors for the day. A quick course on steam locomotives will be carried out! After the theorical introduction, under the eye of an experienced instructor, you prepare the locomotive together with your instructor, you fire it and you wait until the pressure is sufficient. Then you will take the controls and learn how to move off and stop smoothly. When you have mastered the basic techniques you will start shunting the steam locomotive along our line.

12 a.m. Lunch is of course provided and you will enjoy our canteen inside our depot! You will have your lunch with the railway staff... a nice time to talk about trains!

2 p.m. The “big time” starts! You will drive all the passengers trains from Saint Lieux to Les Martels and back under the careful supervision of your instructor.

6.30 p.m. last passenger train. The loco will gain the depot. You will range the passenger carriages, lot of shunting operation will be provided!

7 p.m. end of the day! At the end of the day you are presented with a certificate of acheivement !

PRICE 2017 : 150 €

- A full day on a steam locomotive.
- Also included is a visit to the locomotive yard, repair shed and depot.
- One-year membership.
- A‘Certificate of Achievement’.
- A lunch with steam team and line staff at the depot.
- A free trip pass for your family.

- You must book in advance (3 weeks at least).
- Overalls, gloves and boots are not provided. Remember you will need to wear strong, sensible footwear.Our instructors cannot permit anyone to take part in this course without the correct safety wear.
- Le Chemin de fer Touristique du Tarn reserves the right to alter dates prior to booking. If train could not run because dry weather, technical problem, etc. the CFTT will offer another date for the driving experience.
- If you cancel your reservation, no refund is available. A new date can be proposed if possible..
- Your training period may be interrupted if your condition/behaviour is not compatible with our safety regulations.
- Only one person follow the training on a single day.
- A little French vocabulary is recommended but not necessary !

For further details or to make a booking, call our office at Toulouse: telephone (we speak some English) or email: When you call, if you find an answering machine, please wait until the end of the message (in French) then you can record your message. Please don’t forget to indicate your name, address, and telephone number. This number must be very clear, if not we cannot contact you.

Berenice Tolosa Suarez & Carlos Urkiola Casas
La France vue du Rail  
Le CFTT est membre de l'UNECTO
(UNion des Exploitants de Chemins de fer TOuristiques et de musées)

Communauté de Communes TARN-AGOUT Département du Tarn Région Midi-Pyrénées


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